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Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale

Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale

Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Beijing,China(mainland)
Brand Name: Forimi
Certification: CE ,ISO ,FDA ,TGA
Model Number: FM-RI

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set /sets
Price: 2000$~2800$
Packaging Details: Aluminum alloy case/wooden case
Delivery Time: in 7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T ,West Union , Paypal , travelex , bank transfer
Supply Ability: 300 sets/per month
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Radio Frequency Style: Stationary
Feature: Skin Tightening ,wrinkle Remover Frequency: 10Mhz

Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale

Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale


The Waves lift equipment using a capacitive coupling electrode to transmit radio waves of energy, and produces an electric field across the skin epidermis 2.5 mm, reached the depth of the subcutaneous fat, heating fat interval (septum).Under the high frequency of 450000 hz, the electric field change polarity 450000 times every second.Make the skin into the subcutaneous tissue of high-frequency waves within the charge particles in the same frequency natural resistance movement, so as to generate heat.
When the temperature reaches 60 to 70 degrees Celsius critical point, the dermis collagen contraction, immediately cause fat layer fiber at the same time, the shrinkage of pull upward lift, firm the skin effect.Waves of the skin in 3 to 6 months after treatment denaturation of protein will start the repair function of the body, and a new collagen and elastic fiber further tightening effect Treatment of probe molecules, high frequency shock waves from the skin caused by friction heat (between 68-72 degrees), to promote collagen contraction (collagen).At the same time, the stimulation of the dermis secrete more, new collagen to fill the gaps in the loss of collagen contraction and original, and again in order to support of the skin.When collagen produced continuously, makes the skin thickness and density of the dermis, fill wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and luster, make the skin white and tender skin with.

Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale


RF skin tightening Advantage
1, firming skin + reshaping form, double efficacy more intimately
Rf skin anti-wrinkle effect produced by it can be divided into two kinds of effect, immediate and a boast skillful, can be in a specific depth subcutaneous 40, 68 MHZ rf fields make high-speed rotating vibration in a molecule of water in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, so that the organizations rapid heating.Temperatures promote the decomposition of subcutaneous fat and metabolism, stimulate collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia of restructuring, the number of weeks to three months can also generate new collagen, so as to tighten the skin, restore the effect of the form.

2, "lift" operate, anti-wrinkle painless noninvasive safely
Waves lift except knit it was performed by using plasma radio frequency technology and is the world's only non stripping and non-invasive lift technology, non-surgical, non-intrusive, no bleeding, no needle, painless and comfortable characteristics, widely used in cosmetic.Rf skin anti-wrinkle mainly radio frequency can be generated within the specific depth subcutaneous 40, 68 MHZ radio frequency waves, radio waves to the water molecules inside the collagen, make a bipolar high-speed rotating friction heat, water molecules to collagen heating effect, to have the "lift" anti-wrinkle effect.
3, reappear the "lunch" beauty of youthful looks
Rf skin anti-wrinkle is currently the world's most advanced, can be comparable to those of lift surgery effect noninvasive anti-wrinkle technology.Practice proves that the treatment on the same day to a week, because the heat effect, immediate collagen tissue, therefore, can obviously feel the skin tight feeling;And waves may irritate the skin collagen of the dermis produce new for a long time, so after treatment of 2-6 months time, improve the effect will be more obvious.The whole people will look ten years younger.Research report pointed out that satisfactory results can in order to maintain at least 3-5 years or more.According to the size of area of need treatment, microwave thermoplastic anti-wrinkle system the entire process needs 20 minutes to an hour or so, don't need to have a rest after treatment can work, known as the "lunch" beauty really is.
4, a treatment to eliminate many years trace
Compared with traditional surgery or other non-surgical anti-wrinkle hairdressing method, rf skin anti-wrinkle almost suitable for all people with anti-wrinkle cosmetic requirements and applicable to all parts of anti-wrinkle, and no adverse symptoms occur.Most significant improvements can be seen immediately after treatment effect, some people in 2-6 months after the treatment of wrinkles disappear gradually, rf skin anti-wrinkle really did it make you more live more young!

Introduction of the machine
The instrument has two RF mode: continuous mode and adjustable pulse mode. Take the face for example, You choose the continuous mode to work and move the gun head slowly along with the direction of skin texture and wrinkles, from the bottom up, from the outside to the inside,and make sure the gun head is close to the skin; You choose the adjustable pulse mode to work when you treat the eyes part for the skin here is very thin. The treatment way should be from the insideto the outside. When you use the RF,,press the switche, you can hear the "tick" sound, means the radio is working.
The function of the thermacool facelift
*Skin tightening 
*Face lift
*Tender skin
*Facial contouring
*Eliminate true and false wrinkles
*Striae gravidarum removal.
*Improve the metabolism of skin (such as the treatment of acne and macula)
*General anti-aging
Before-after pictures
Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale

Technical parameter:

Frequency 10MHZ 
Transmission system    Crystal  optical transmission system
Control methods pulse triggering
SafetyClassification Class B type I
Capacity regulator 10_50Wktt
Treatmenthand SIZE 26mm(bigger one);15mm(small one)
repetition rate 1P/3S
Temperature of light spot surface below room temperature
Cooling System semiconductor refrigerating + water cooling
Size 50cm*37cm*127cm
Net weight 30kg
Fuses range Ø5×25 5A
Input Frenquence ≤300VA
Power AC220V±10%,5A,50HZ

Do a rf skin anti-wrinkle operation, can generally lasts for 5 to 10 years, but the figure is not absolute, for each person is different, the situation is different also.Usually the doctor will strongly suggest you, at the age of 40 it's best to do a radio lifts, wait until the age of 60, do it again the second time, the effect is best.
Rf skin anti-wrinkle time maintaining relationship with the patient's own skin has a very big, some patients with natural skin is very good, very delicate, age is not very big, surgery, can sustain for longer time.On the contrary, some people have very deep wrinkles, skin is very rough, the age is very big, the effect after the anti-wrinkle certainly not as good as the former.
Waves lift anti-wrinkle effect can maintain time and postoperative nursing also has a lot to do, not surgery, just a matter of, some people usually don't pay attention to skin care can cause skin aging is very severe, so must do a good job of skin care, postoperative including mood every day, only good postoperative nursing, can delay aging, can greatly reduce the operating frequency waves lift.

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Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale

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Professional painless 2 handles 10Mhz radio frequency skin tightening machines for sale

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